OpenMiracle – Source Code Released

OpenMiracle - Source Code Released
At last the time has arrived. Now it’s your turn to make use of it. Yes, OpenMiracle, accounting software in .net, has launched it’s source code. We can get the Source code from their webiste You can also download the Source Code from Google Code, Codeplex and Source Forge.


OpenMiracle is an Open Source accounting software, developed by Cybrosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Which  includes all the traditional accounting package features and also contains some additional new features. It’s developed with Open Source Concepts. Some of the most trending features of OpenMiracle were following, Easy to use Dot matrix printer settings Payroll Standard rate Budget ...

How to print from Google Nexus tablet

  Third-party printing apps in the Google Play store offer a few ways to print from an Android tablet, but Google has its own solution as well: Google Cloud Print. It connects a home printer to the web, where webconnected devices like Android tablets and smartphones can see and use it. Although the technology works a bit ...